Does running make you lose weight ?

I go to the gym every day and do two hours of treadmill …

There is no better way to lose time if you want to lose weight, because in the end we do not lose what matters, namely fat.

This is not to say that doing cardio is useless, but we have to think of it as a complement to a somewhat more complex system that starts with good nutrition. Yes, of course because if you do not put the diet in order, making it balanced in nutrients and reduced in calories, just physical exercise, especially cardio will not help much.

We see, with two simple calculations, to understand how much fat we burn when we run. A premise, when you run the calories consumed are not given by the speed with which you travel the route, are given by the distance ,. So, from the point of view of caloric expenditure, your feeling of fatigue is completely irrelevant. It is work (weight x distance) that really counts, we will soon see the formula. This is the reasoning you must do to move from a mentality in which sensations dominate: I lose weight if I sweat, I lose weight if I get tired, to a more rational and scientific vision and in which reproducible tests and numbers dominate.

Example: Mario weighs 85 kg and wants to lose the last 5 kg that cover his belly. He decides to run just under 80% (lipolytic range) of his FCM (maximum heart rate) for an hour. In this time it travels 9 km. His caloric expenditure was 1kcal / kg / km (from the formula of Arcelli) 1x85x9 = 765 kcal An interesting energy expenditure on the daily calorie count but during the activity how much fat we burned? A heart rate below 80% of FCM leads us to burn on average 70% carbohydrates and 30% fats (Respiratory Quotient of 79), so we calculate 30% of 765 kcal = 230 kcal. 1 gram of fat is 9 kcal but in the human body to fat (adipocyte) water is added so that 1kg of body fat is 7000 kcal and not 9000 kcal. In practice, Luca burned 230 kcal / 7 = 32.8 g of fat (plus water) in the session. 32 grams compared to 5 kg of body fat, to be disposed of, but how many sessions do you have to do ??? It becomes so obvious that we do not lose weight DURING physical activity but through the weekly TOTAL calorie count (revenue-exits) and the metabolic state. If you decide to use the race as a strategy to lose weight, you need to travel as many miles as possible without giving a damn about what we are burning, the caloric balance at the end of the day will determine the result. How much to run to lose weight 5kg? In light of when we have just said if you run a mild and constant race, the more you run the more you consume. We must not think in terms of time but of km. There is no reason in terms of the session but of the week. It is better to run less and more often to accumulate more km. Don’t get lost in endless sessions of two hours, but rather run 3-4 times a week, with even demanding rhythms for less time. A man of 80 kg to lose weight 5kg must run: 87.5 km x 5 km = 437.5 km A woman weighing 60 kg to always lose weight of 5kg must run: 116.6 km x 5 km = 582.5 km It doesn’t matter if you burn sugars or fats, it is important to consume calories which in the week will lead to a chronic energy deficit.

The important thing before starting to run to lose weight is to understand that after the first initial results, the true difference will be the constancy.

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