Cellulite and Physical Activity

There is no single treatment for cellulite, but specific therapies should be used together with physical activity and appropriate diets. “Local” treatments, without considering an intervention plan that involves physical activity and diet, can lead to improvements but generally not more than 50% of the pathogenic state.

The state of gravity of cellulite will affect the treatment and depending on the phases you can resort to gentle methods, such as gymnastics and localized treatments, up to surgical treatment (bearing in mind that the result obtained will not be definitive anyway and cellulite can be reformed).

Physical activity plays a major role in the treatment of this disease, as prevention, as a cure and as a support to specific techniques (massages, acupuncture, thalassotherapy, whirlpools and saunas, thermo massages, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, baths, applications ….).

It would be more correct to say that these techniques are in support to physical activity, We need to remember, that any intervention that does not include the physical exercises will be effective only 50%.

The movement increases the tone of the muscles, restores the adipocytes that cover them and trigger the process that leads to burning those in excess, also increasing oxygenation and cell regeneration.

So how is cellulite treated in the gym?

We know that one of its causes and consequences is the reduced muscle volume.

Muscle tissue, at the metabolic level, is 10 to 20 times more active than adipose tissue, both at rest and in activity. Therefore, toned and well-developed muscle by itself a guarantee of the absence of cellulite. In fact, it’s almost impossible, or very rare, to see a bodybuilder or a fitness athlete with cellulite.

However, bearing in mind that it is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, we must adopt training strategies that do not aggravate this process. We need to avoid that the intensity of the exercise causes massive production of lactic acid and muscle micro-lesions.

A training program must always consider the gradualness, starting perhaps from free body exercises or with small overloads. So, you need some time to obtain the major changes, at least a year, because never in this case haste been counter-productive. Reactivating an inert tissue is a time-consuming process.

With The Fitness Coach Online you can make this change, with the right methods designed exclusively for you.

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