Body hydration

Hydration, if we want to improve the composition of our body, is perhaps the most underestimated element of the nutrition, but very important. Let’s discover first things to know and why they are so useful.

When we talk about sports and nutrition, everyone is asking: how much protein and carbohydrate should I eat? What should I take before and after training? How many meals can I have? The fundamental parameter that influences performance is water (hydration). To be sure that you can train at 100%, optimize your body hydration.

We can compare the child to a freshly picked fruit, rich in water, the more we grow and progress with age, the more we dry up like a plum. So, the more you are hydrated, the younger you stay, the more metabolic exchanges take place in your cells and the higher your metabolism remains.

If you don’t have a valid bioelectrical impedance device, it is very difficult to estimate properly the body’s water and hydration.

However, you can ask yourself a few questions that can guide you on our hydration state: what color is urine, especially in the morning when you get up? Do you feel the need to go to the bathroom as soon as you drink? Is the stimulus of thirst noticeable several times during the day?

These questions should make you think about how your body manages the water it introduces. A simple test that you can do, is to pinch the skin on the back of your hand between thumb and forefinger for 4/5 seconds, the more it takes time to return to normality, the more hydration is not optimal.

Body hydration, the amount of water in our body, is influenced by many factors, including hormones, minerals, vitamins, etc. For the beginning, remember that the sense of thirst can be controlled, the less you drink and the less you feel the need to do so.

First take water from fruits and vegetables. The vitamin, mineral and fiber content of these foods will help the body absorb and retain water, which will improve your hydration.

In conclusion, hydration is a fundamental parameter for our body, for body composition and its performance.

Always remember that.

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